Waves of garbage off of Dominican Republic

Today, this CNN article came across my computer and truly breaks my heart. Can you imagine that waste washing up in Newport Beach or Miami? I often wonder what catastrophe will need to happen before we are all motivated to change the way we live?

Have you ever payed attention to how much waste your family generates everyday? Ever think of where all of that goes? Drive by your local garbage dump and you’ll see. Every time I see the one near my house, I want to stop buying anything that can’t be recycled. Our family always tries to have more recycling each week than garbage, and we cut out any products that are packaged in plastic, or even worse, that terrible netting that they sometimes put vegetables in.

Seeing this video is truly horrible to think that the people of DR have to deal with this waste, most likely generated by other countries, and dumped in the ocean. Where do they put it once they bag it all??

Reuse what you can; recycle what you use; and reduce your global footprint because this video clearly shows that everything we do contributes on a global scale.

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