Meet the Wisely Wrapped Artists

Wisely Wrapped is thrilled to have a team of professionally trained and experienced graphic artists that create eye-catching, imaginative designs for our awesome gift bags.

René Porter

René Porter

Fine Artist and Designer

René’s work can be found in corporate and private collections throughout the United States.

René Porter
Wisely Wrapped Lead Designer and Featured Artist

René Porter was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio. Her parents were an early influence on her creative life. René’s father was an avid photographer and also enjoyed drawing. He would sketch cartoon characters and clowns for his children and give them as rewards for good behavior. Her mother was an accomplished seamstress and an early supporter of René’s dream of becoming an artist. She encouraged René to set her sights on formal art training.

René was accepted and awarded a first term scholarship into the Columbus College of Art and Design in Columbus, Ohio, where her focus was on graphic design and illustration, using the newest software and her own creative imagination. After finishing college, René made her living as a graphic designer and illustrator for many companies, where she designed original images for various collateral materials. During that time, she continued to hone her skills and learned the newest and most innovative graphic design programs.

René is also an accomplished, award-winning fine artist. Her exquisite charcoal drawings bring the silent viewer into private moments of the subject that focus on the delicate nuances of light and shadow using her expert knowledge of anatomy coupled with gentle shading and an eye for detail. She is proud to be an Associate Member of Oil Painters of America and American Women Artists.

To see her beautiful charcoal drawings and paintings, please visit her website below to marvel at her incredible talent.